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Quick Tips When Using Mobile

Mobile smartphones and tablets are everywhere, and they make daily activities and interactions easier than ever — including financial transactions. When using a mobile device to access financial information, please keep the following security steps in mind whether using a mobile app, mobile web or text banking to access your Lake Area Bank accounts.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your local branch.

Only download apps from Reputable Sources

Lake Area Bank only lists our apps in the Google App store and the Apple App Store. 

Some developers install bugs or malicious activity on mobile devices by publishing malicious apps to track keystrokes and more. Always be wary of an app from an unknown publisher. Download apps only from trusted sources, and through reputable channels such as Apple’s App Store or Google Play.

Lake Area Bank makes its mobile banking applications available on App Store and Google Play under the publisher name LakeAreaBank or LakeAreaBank Biz. Search for “LakeAreaBank” in your device’s app store, or see below drop-down link to download the app.

Using Public WiFi

Hackers have sometimes employed unsecured public Wi-Fi networks to hijack a mobile device and track its keystrokes. They have also been known to spoof the names of reputable public hotspots to lure users into using their network. Carefully consider your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection settings.

We recommend using mobile banking only through your mobile device’s data service, and avoiding public Wi-Fi for banking.

Keep your Mobile Device Updated

Keep your app up-to-date by checking your app store for newer versions. You can also turn on auto update so your apps auto update any time a newer version is released. You should also make sure your phone’s operating system is on the most current version. Updates to apps and your phone usually fix known vulnerabilities as well as add new features.

Mobile Device Security

Keep your mobile device up-to-date in your Online Banking profile. If you replace your mobile device, log into Online Banking and remove your old device.

A mobile device without a password makes it easy to access your phone, contacts, emails, apps and more. Use the keypad lock or phone lock on your mobile device when it is not in use. This ensures your device is password-protected, making it more difficult for someone else to access information on your device.

Text Message Banking (SMS Banking)

You may receive text message alerts or security codes from Lake Area Bank or other financial institutions. Delete these text messages after you have reviewed or used the information in them. Never share your personal or financial information in a text message, phone call or email.

Suspicious Activity

Always contact one of our locations if you feel you have suspicious activity on your account.

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